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Factory Seconds Crate

Factory Seconds Crate

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Ever wonder what happens to the split firewood that doesn't quite meet our strict quality standards for the triple and double stack crates? Wonder no more, because here it is! Any pieces of wood that come off the splitter with knots, unions, discoloration, or an unacceptable size get tossed in the "seconds" pile. 


Rather than disposing of this wood, for limited runs these crates are offered for sale. This is still quality hardwood, just in a less convenient form than usual- at a significant discount. Splits will be loosely stacked in the crate (so they don't fall out) and delivered as usual.


Because of the nature of this firewood, uniform dryness is not guaranteed and letting the crate season is recommended.  


Recommended for outdoor burning or larger stoves.


The crate itself is not included with this sale and will be exchanged with your next order, or picked up free of charge when your wood burning season had completed.


Dump truck loads are also available, please contact us for a quote.


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