What area do you deliver to?

We are based in Pewaukee WI, and offer delivery to a roughly 20 mile radius.

The areas we deliver to include: Pewaukee, Hartland, Brookfield, Waukesha, Sussex, Lisbon, Lannon, Menomonee Falls, Elm Grove, New Berlin, Wauwatosa, West Allis, Genesee, Wales, Dousman, Oconomowoc, Delafield, Nashotah, Chenequa, North Lake, Merton, and Monches.


If you are outside these areas, to keep costs down, we do not offer delivery on standard orders. However, we would still be happy to help with bulk orders of four or more crates. Please contact us for more information.


How do you deliver crates of wood?

We use a delivery system that allows us to bring a crate of firewood through any paved area at least four feet wide. This means we can deliver to any residential or business address no matter the size of the driveway, and place a crate directly into your garage or other indoor space. 

Our delivery truck stays in the street so there is no chance of damaging your pavement.


Do I need to be home to receive delivery?

If you would like your crate to be delivered to an outdoor area with no obstacles (in your driveway), we do not require contact at the time of delivery. If no one will be available at the time of delivery, please select this option at checkout and describe as clearly as possible where you would like your crate. 

If your crate needs to go to an indoor area or any area that requires vehicles or items to be moved, please select delivery for a time when you can be available and we will call you to confirm 1-4 hours before your scheduled delivery.


Is the crate itself included in my purchase?

It is not, we keep our overhead and environmental footprint as low as possible by refilling the crates as they come back empty.


Do you charge a deposit for the crate itself?

No. All we ask is that the above process is completed in a reasonable timeframe, considering our business model relies on reusing the crates as they are returned. 


What happens to my empty crate?

If you use up all your firewood and are ready for more, go ahead and place your next order as usual. We will pick up the empty when delivering your next full crate.

If your burning season has come to an end and your crate is empty, please contact us. We assemble a route and pick up empty crates in coordination with our delivery routes.


How can I tell what quality wood is?

There are two main factors to consider when determining if firewood is good quality- species and moisture level.

With a trained eye, species can be identified by the bark(if remaining), grain pattern/structure, coloration, and markings caused by fungus or insects. The objective of species identification is to determine how dense the grain structure is, and therefore how much energy will be contained in each piece. Having a feel for how heavy a dry piece of wood is will help you gauge the difference between a dense hardwood like oak, ash, or walnut, and a softer hardwood such as willow or box elder- or softwood species such as pine or spruce.

Moisture content is easier to determine as you can buy a cheap and effective moisture meter at most hardware stores. An important (and often overlooked) step is to split open the wood directly before taking a measurement. The outside and inside of the wood dry at different rates and measuring the inside is the only way to get an accurate reading. Generally speaking, moisture content at or below 15% is considered dry and ready to burn. 



Where does all this firewood come from?

All of the firewood we sell comes right from the same area we deliver to. We collaborate with a tree service to make use of the wood that is removed while trimming and removing trees. We are proud to give a second life to what may otherwise be a waste product, and honor the trees.  


Your crates of wood look great, but I can buy the same amount for half the price elsewhere. What's the deal?


I'll be the first to tell you that you can buy a face cord of wood from someone else for around one hundred dollars. Please keep in mind that the one hundred dollar face cord is likely located where it was split. This means it will need to be picked up (requiring a truck or trailer) or delivered (generally a $20-$40 fee). The wood will be delivered in a pile in your driveway or other area accessible by truck. If you would like stacking included, this is generally another $15-$40. 

After all this, the stack of wood in your garage will still have a much larger and messier footprint than our metal crate. Also, the wood itself is unlikely to be seasoned to any significant degree and may not be held to the strict quality standards of our product.

On the other hand, you can also spend significantly more on a load of firewood compared to what we charge. We hope you'll find that our pricing is very competitive for the product we offer.


I am looking for a specific species/size of wood for my BBQ/smoker/pizza oven. Can you help my with this?

Absolutely. Please drop us a note through the contact form and we will let you know availability for specific species of wood. We generally try to keep a stock of small split cherry and hickory for this purpose. Keep in mind there will likely be a wait for fruit wood or any species not common to this area.