How It Works

At Woodland Products, we are proud to offer quality hardwood firewood with simple, convenient delivery within 20 miles of our location in Pewaukee.


Here's how our process works-


1. Select what crate works best for you. If you have an indoor fireplace or woodstove, our triple-stack crate is filled with small pieces that light quickly and handle easily. If you usually burn outside or have a bigger woodstove, our double-stack crate has larger pieces at a lower price. If you're planning ahead for coming months, we have freshly cut (not yet dry) options of both at a discount!

2. Decide where you'd like your crate to go, and when you'd like it delivered. We can deliver to any paved space four feet wide. If your crate needs to in your garage or somewhere specific, during checkout select a delivery day and time when you can be home. 

3. Our driver will give you a call before your scheduled delivery. When we arrive, our truck stays in the street and we move your crate with our electric pallet jack. This machine is lightweight, quiet, and will not damage or leave marks on your concrete.

4. When you've used up all your firewood and are ready for more, order again and we'll pick up the empty crate while dropping off your next full crate.

5. Once you're done burning for the season, give us a call or email and we'll pick up your empty crate in the next couple weeks while we are out delivering.



If you would like more details, feel free to read our FAQ.